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When Excessive Bills, Threatening Debt Collection Letters, Non-stop Phone calls By Creditors, Fear Of Losing Your Home, and excess worrying about Your Finances has finally gotten to the point where you want a clean slate, the last thing that you want to worry about are high legal fees. While other bankruptcy firms may advertise
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From Washington Post  
Feeling besieged by all those post-holiday credit card bills? Struggling to dig out from an avalanche of debt? You are not alone. According to the latest figures from the Federal Reserve, America's consumer debt has topped $2 trillion for the first time.
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Federal regulators filed their first lawsuit against a credit counseling company Wednesday, charging that industry giant AmeriDebt used deceptive marketing to bilk hundreds of thousands of customers.
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From CNN.COM  

The number of consumer bankruptcy filings surged to a record high in 2005 amid changes to bankruptcy law, according to a survey released Wednesday. Filings soared 31.6 percent to 2.04 million last year.

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